How We Review Sites

If you are a regular Internet user (and these days, who isn’t?) it’s likely that you’ve seen an endless array of websites that offer “top 5” or “top 10” lists of everything from desserts and restaurants to specialty sites. You might even use them to find something you’re seeking, but have you ever wondered just how the sites actually score the things they rate and rank?

At we actually use a pretty basic list of items to checkout and then we use them to create a sort of in-house scoring system. For example, we will always look at:

  • The different and/or unique features a site offers. As an example, if there are options for live webcams, it can boost a site’s rank. If there is 24 hour support, that really boosts the value of a site.
  • The number of active and actual members. It is pretty easy to see how a site with a few hundred thousand active members may look less valuable than the site with something like 20 million registered accounts.
  • The rate of “hookup” successes. This requires a bit of work on our end, but if we can find sites that have something like 60% or more success, it is obviously going to appear in our top of the top lists.
  • The options for trial or limited time offer memberships. Nothing says value more than a free or affordably priced trial. This is especially true if a site offers that trial at a steep discount, like a $.99 trial or a free sign up for two weeks, and so on.
  • The appearance of good feedback. If neutral review sites show a lot of authentic feedback, it gives a site more value.
  • The sites with good design rank best. If a site is designed for easy use and simple functionality, it always rates highly.

Now that you know how works, you can see that you can trust our recommendations and get good results.

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